Requiring less water and tolerating foot traffic better than St. Augustine, Bermuda is an excellent choice for full-sun areas. It is completely shade intolerant, however, and must be planted in areas that will always have 100% sun. Three sod varieties that do well in our area include:

  • Common – This variety spreads through seed propagation, which sends up tall, unsightly seed pods just days after mowing. As a result, it has been avoided in most residential areas in favor of the hybrids.
  • Tex-Turf 10 – This hybrid Bermuda spreads through leaders (or runners) rather than seed, and is our recommendation for the average homeowner. It has an excellent track history in North Texas.
  • Tif 419 (Tif Bermuda) – 419 is a low-growing "golf course" strain of hybrid Bermuda that is more attractive when mowed more frequently with a reel-type mower.