Mowing once a week during the growing season is sufficient to ensure the health of your lawn; more frequent mowing is simply an issue of aesthetics.

  1. St. Augustine growing in shady areas can be mowed frequently but not close; we recommend setting your mower to its highest or next-highest setting.
  2. Bermuda can be mowed to any height.

General mowing tips

  1. Instead of bagging lawn clippings, buy a mulching lawn mower. The blade on a mulching mower cuts and finely dispenses cut grass back onto your lawn. These clippings break down and provide nutrients for your lawn.
  2. If you can’t spring for a new lawn mower, practically any rotary mower can be converted with an adapter blade for just a few dollars.
  3. Cut down on nitrogen treatments. The mulch will naturally return nitrogen to your soil, saving you application time and money.
  4. Don’t cut the grass too short. Root length corresponds to grass height, so letting your blades grow a little longer will help them develop a good root system.
  5. Tests show that cutting about one-third of the height off grass will produce the best results. Any more and it can cause damage.
  6. Don’t cut grass when it’s damp from rain or dew. Mowing will be uneven and it can also cause clumps of grass to block light from patches in the lawn.
  7. Alternate mowing patterns for even wear. Constantly mowing in the same direction makes the soil compact and can create visible wear patterns.