Installation Assistance

DIY:  Measure twice; cut once

Starting off with good measurements will give us the information needed to provide you with an accurate cost.  Do your best to break these areas down into squares or rectangles.  Using a tape measure, measure the length and width of each area you'd like to sod and write them down.  Measure a second time to confirm your numbers.

Stepping off these areas or guessing as to the different dimensions will result in you ordering too much grass in just about every case.  And unfortunately, we can't buy it back.

Changes to or cancelling your order

We deliver rain or shine; if your plans change, we need 24 hours notice to cancel and reschedule your order or issue a refund.

Pallets versus square yards

Think of a grass purchase like a carpet purchase (it's an analogy we've used for decades).  If you've heard the phrase "a pallet of grass" it's just like hearing "a roll of carpet;" it doesn't tell you consistently how much material you're purchasing.  Different companies sell different amounts of grass on their pallets so having good measurements is critical.  Grass is shipped by the pallet; but it's sold by the square yard (again, just like carpet).  The size of the individual pieces of grass can differ as well, so trying to estimate the number of pieces you need underscores the importance of measuring.

Hiring someone to handle everything

If you'd like to have someone else install your lawn, please give us a call.  We don't install directly anymore, but we'll put you in touch with the owner of the company that handles your neighborhood.  These contractors will give you a free estimate and they are the same people we recommend to family, friends and neighbors.