Although planting is probably the most misunderstood part of the process, it is actually the easiest. Due to the heat of our North Texas summers, fresh sod is a perishable product. The two rules you MUST remember when planting your new grass are:

  1. Plant it quickly - Plant your sod the day it is delivered.
  2. Keep it wet - It is virtually impossible to overwater your newly installed grass the first few days. Then follow our watering recommendations.

How much grass do I need to order?

We've included some helpful hints here.

Ground preparation

In general, save your energy for watering. Tilling, adding topsoil, prewatering, or chemical additions are unnecessary in most cases and can be harmful in others. If you have ruts or depressions in your yard that hold water after a rain, you will need to add topsoil to level these areas before planting your grass.

“But the ground here is so hard!”

The South Texas grass we sell is grown in the same type of hard black clay we have here in the Metroplex; you don’t have to spoon feed it by tilling or adding different types of topsoil. On the contrary, our native soil benefits the grass in that it keeps water near the root system instead of quickly soaking away into the ground.

Time of year

Contrary to popular and even some professional opinion it is not risky to plant grass on a year-round basis. While sod planted in the fall or winter does not have time to put down a complete root system or spread, it is perfectly safe to plant. Be sure to water your established lawn weekly during this time as well if it has not received any rain that week.